Technical analysis Widget

Technical analysis Widget is a free and powerful charting solution that easuily embeds into any website in a perfect branded way.
Simply adjust the setting and click apply to see a preview. Then copy the embed code and paste this to your website.


Every aspect of this widget can be customized to perfectly blend with the website in where it should be embedded:
Fonts, colors, chart types, sizes and much more can be modified. Check the gallery to see examples of customization. [Gallery link here]

Recurring visitors

If a visiting user performs any technical analysis or modifies the chart to his preferences – This will be saved so the analysis will be present and presented the next time he/she visits your site.
An incentive to visit again is created, and will increase traffic to the site.

Market data

We provide market data from a lot of providers. All US based data are sourced from IEX, while EU data is delivered under the MIFID-II ruleset which enables free delivery of delayed data.
Via our API it is possible to have other datasets pushed to the widget.

Technical analysis

TAW features a myriad of Technical analysis methods and new are being added every month.

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