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Founded in 2003, SoftCapital Group is a premier provider of strategic software solutions for the financial industry. Headquartered in Copenhagen, SoftCapital has research offices in Moscow and Crimea. The company has been expanding rapidly over the past years, geographically, in revenues and market coverage.

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Sigma, Soft Capital’s flagship product, is a sophisticated trading, risk and Investment management solution. It integrates all business functions across front, middle and back office.

SoftCapital also offers advanced network solutions and Internet solutions to the financial community.

A key factor in Soft Capital’s success is our philosophy of continuous product research and development. 50% of the company’s revenue is invested in internal research and development.

Markets change, technology evolves, SoftCapital aims to maintain its pre-eminent position in its field. Our research and development is a continuous investment. SoftCapital team members have a diverse background in various facets of finance and technology and have a thorough understanding of our products and how they support our clients’ businesses.

We understand our clients’ needs and requirements.


About our Mission

SoftCapital supports the financial-, and retail sector with products that:

  • Englightens
  • Executes
  • Surveilles
  • Optimizes

SoftCapital offers efficient, transparent and inituitive products in where there are room for own ideas and know-how.

About our Vision

SoftCapital by means of AI, availability, efficiency and transparence create the most preferred products for the institutional finance community.

About our Values

All what we do aims at optimizing performance. We are curious, appreciative and ambitious.
Curious – we thrive with new development, technologies and their synergies.

Appreciative – because we listen and respect differences

Ambitious – since we seek to optimize and get the best possible results with satisfied clients, impact and the bottom line.


We belive that the proof is in the pudding, hence we have taken the consequence of becoming an an approved financial advisor (Finanstilsynet) and we advice Robofunds with portfolio recipes for their funds, ETF´s and portfolios and well as capital management to their customeres as a white label solution.


Year end reports

Our year end reports about SoftCapital can be found here: CVR


We are a product centric company, see our newest product here:
Enterprise software