TRADEMATCH Trading System is a high-performance, robust and flexible trading matching engine that can power a financial exchange in its entity.

The powerful and functionality-rich system covers all asset classes, enabling truly integrated marketplaces, and is customizable to meet existing and future market demands.

Softcapital’s matching technology provides execution venues of all sizes with reliable, comprehensive, multi-asset capabilities to keep pace with ever-changing market requirements. The functionally-rich platforms support trading in any asset, anytime, anywhere and are both scalable and flexible to adapt as your firm expands into new asset classes or looks to offer additional services.

Key Features

Some of the main features of Tradematch:

Low latency

Able to consistently sustain sub-40 microsecond average latency


Tradematch supports in the excess of 2.5 million trade inserts per second

Protocol support

As well as our own proprietary protocol tradematch supports all relevant transport standards for the financial community: Fix Protocol and FAST protocol for market data

Asset coverage

Support for all asset classes and instruments in a multi-currency environment. This includes equities, options, futures, warrants and forex.

Investment management integration

Fully integration with our portfolio management solution – Sigma

Front-end Integration

Full integration with our front-end solution – Top.
Offer your clients a full featured trading solution, or use our API´s to tailor your own solution.

Risk management

Our Risk Engine/Risk Management tool is an integral part of the TRADEMATCH that calculates, checks, controls, filters and updates all system parameters constantly as trades are matched and in Pretrade.
Presentation of Tradematch

Arrange a presentation at an upcoming tradeshow or contact us directly for for a meeting to see Tradematch in a live environment