Social trading and portfolios

Is your portfolio performing good? Well then share the results and transactions with your friends so they can replicate this.

Share Portfolios

A unique feature in TOP is the ability to share one of more of your portfolios. This enables followers to see your positions and track your results. You can choose to either make your portfolio private or public for everyone to see, or to specific persons only.

Instant notifications

The very second you change a position in your portfolio, this is instantly pushed to the users that subscribe to this portfolio giving them the exact same view and numbers as you have. You have the choice to either share the portfolio with its positions and calculations or the transcations.

Notifications are shown both in TOP and in a seperate email should the subscribing user not use TOP.

Social Portfolio

Messenger type functionality within TOP so the subscribers of your portfolio(s) can be notified about events that you consider important.

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