ElectronicTrading Module

TOP as an electronic execution platform offers execution on not only listed instruments but also on OTC products. Our Standard interface is based on the FIX Protocol An industry standard used by the majority in the financial community.

Concurrent FIX Connections.

TOP connects directly to multiple FIX points, using specific ROE (Rules of engagement if needed.
No server connections or hosting needed. TOP connects directly to the specific FIX endpoint, while at the same time keeping track or all trades and order states from the various trading points.

Onboarding and Certification

Is it taking too long to onboard new clients? SoftCapital can help you streamline and automate this process, bringing the Onboarding process down to days or even hours.
A part of a delivery of TOP is looking and adjusting to a specific set of Rules of Engagements. We have great experience in this process and TOP works flawlessly with multiple set of rules.

Whie a standard FIX setup is preferable, we can design a new Rules of Engagement document, or refine your existing one so that it is comprehensive in covering all aspects of FIX setup. This in turn will make it easy for your counter-parties to understand your FIX interface and connect/certify without prolonged engagements of IT teams on both sides.


Fix Logging in TOP