Fund design

We design and manage funds, both our own and offer white label solutions

Robo advisor

Using AI and algorithms our solutions generates high risk-adjusted return and is monitored 24/7

Capital management

We provide capital management and individually designed investment portfolios

SoftCapital is an investment management firm that employs mathematical, statistical and AI methods in the design and execution of its investment programs.


Powered by IEX

Our freemium model of TOP are powered by IEX.
Read more about IEX trading here:

Beta program

Join our beta program of TOP, and receive free US real-time data complete with portfolio and risk management included.

Xab showcase

Our financial widgets can be used to build complete Fintech websites.
Take at look at to see our widgets performing at their best.

  • Complex solutions made simple.

    This is what we do


Looking for one of the funds we design, optimize and manage?



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